Strength For Chronic Pain

Learning how to gain strength has been shown to:

- Reduce pain

- Help avoid surgery 

- Improve your mood 

- Increase energy 


- Allow you to explore and do the things you love! 

Does this sound familiar?

- You've tried many different programs and styles but still seem to have pain after each one.

-You feel uncomfortable doing something new as you don't know if it will cause or increase pain.

-You aren't sure how to adjust your form in strength training or other activities to fit your needs on a day-to-day basis.  

There is a better way! Strength for Chronic Pain is different!  

This program will show you how to gain strength to decrease pain AND how to adjust other movement including walking, jogging, hiking, cooking, fitness classes, and more! 

Hear from others who have learned this method

“ I have lifted weights for years. I knew that good form was important but Chelsea’s attention to the details of the full body made it possible to get a good workout without undue damage.”

- Beth 

"After a back injury led me to the ER I was paired up with her at my gym to help with my rehab. There are lots of ‘certified’ trainers at every gym and I’ve worked with several over the years. But I’ve never come across another one with Chelsea’s combination of knowledge, ability, intelligence, or empathy. She was committed to my success and developed a rehab and training program for me that was adaptable and effective as my strength and recovery progressed. She is an absolute professional as well as a delight to work with. “  

- Steve Hill, Seattle

Interested in learning more? 

Strength for Chronic Pain Course coming soon!