There are three things that have been constant passion in my life; learning, movement, and teaching. Helping clients find creative solutions to improve their lives in the direction of their choosing combines all three. In my work as a coach I strive to help clients explore how to listen to their body, understand, accept where they are now, and move forward by practicing strength work, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

I have not always had this relationship with movement. I grew up participating in a variety of activities where I was constantly injured in some fashion. After two large impact traumas I was left with chronic low back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain. I was unable to participate in activities I had previously loved and visited doctors ranging from M.D.’s to Acupuncturists. 

Overtime, I have learned to accept my injuries and how my body reacts physically to different types of movement. I use low impact strength combined with working on my nutritional habits, breathing, stress management, sleep, and lifestyle habits to manage pain and participate in activities that I love.  I am passionate about helping others facilitate change in their lives to feel better. 



I have 9 years of teaching movement and 15 years of coaching experience. My experience includes coaching body weight strength, nutrition, kettlebell strength, gymnastics, circus arts, classic weight lifting, and mobility.  I think the key to the success I have had is listening to every client's individual needs combined with knowledge from experience, courses, and certifications. 


    Personal Training Certification- NASM

   BA Biology- Seattle University 

   Functional Movement Screen L1 & L2

   Precision Nutrition L1

   Girls Gone Strong L1

   Z-Health Essentials 

   Ground Force Method L1 & Juniors

   Training for Warriors L1